16 X 24 ft. (Approx.)

This mural, titled “Por la Boca Muere El Pez”, is part of the “El Mero Muro Project” hosted by the Mexic-Arte Museum located on Congress Ave. and 7th Street in Austin, Texas. This colorful mural was inspired by the struggle of the Mexican-American border crossing of illegal immigrants. Even though it is bright and cheerful looking because of its color palette, there is a dark undertone expressed through the use of symbolically loaded images, combined with words and phrases often expressed as Mexican sayings.
The phrase “Por la boca muere el pez”, is often used to warn someone to keep their mouth shut or not to speak more than is needed. This expression translates to “The fish dies through the mouth”. Other phrases included are “Con un nudo en la garganta” (translates to “a knot on the throat”), used to describe the feeling of being speechless. Blue ladders of various sizes fill the empty space and extend from the floor to various heights along the mural.
A gas mask with the text “Espik en Inglich” is a fusion of both the English and Spanish language whose practice has become a norm along the border lexicon. Water, Black painted milk containers used for carrying water, camouflage backpacks, and other items, hang along a three level vendor cart that serves as a last stop resort to acquire much needed items for the journey that is to come; the journey of crossing into the U.S. illegally.