Found Objects (Collection of Mexic-Arte Museum)
Approx. 8X8X12 ft.



Call for Stories: Share Your Truth - Crossing the US/Mexico Border

Your information will be confidential. You don't need to include your name.

Have you or someone you know crossed the US/Mexico border illegally? It could be the story of family member, a friend, or anyone you know. I invite you to share a factual story for an impactful artwork project. Your participation is voluntary and your voice will be a powerful part of this art installation.

Your story will be transformed into an audio narrative accessible through QR codes, allowing viewers to listen and understand the diverse experiences of border crossing.

Let your story be heard, shed light on the realities of this journey, and contribute to a project that aims to create empathy and understanding.


The artwork is based on an imaginary "Changarrito" (store) hidden somewhere along the Mexican side of the US/Mexico border. This "Changarrito" is the last opportunity for immigrants to purchase anything they need before embarking on their journey into the US illegally. In the "Changarrito", customers may find products like food, hydrating drinks, baby formula, emergency kits, clothing to blend with nature, "blessed" prayers and other essential items. The recordings will become an item viewers can take with them in a tiny plastic bag as a printed QR Code and have the opportunity to also become part of this work by adding their own recording.

The work is meant for viewers to become self-aware and think of the choices they would make if they were to find themselves in a similar situation. It brings to question the things we carry mentally, emotionally and physically. It brings awareness of the hardship human beings have endured and the choices they have made to find a better life.

Join me in shaping this important narrative. Share your truth today.

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